Coconut Tawashi Fiber Brush Multipurpose Use
Coconut Tawashi Fiber Brush Multipurpose Use
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Coconut Tawashi Fiber Brush Multipurpose Use

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This multipurpose Scrubbing Coconut Fibre Brush is ideal as a vegetable brush, as a kitchen scourer, as a body massager, as a shoe and garment brush or even as a gardening brush or as a household, bathroom or car cleaning brush.

100% organic, natural, and toxic-free.



Features of the Scrubbing Coconut Fibre Brush:

  • Unbleach natural coconut fibre twisted in wire. Coco fibre is obtained from the fruit of the coconut palm. The fibres lie between the external leathery shell and the actual coconut. They can grow up to 30 cm in length, and are used as bristles for brooms, brushes, and hand brushes. As braided cords, coconut fibres are also made into mats.
  • Galvanized wire with hanging loop.
  • As a vegetable brush has been designed to clean gently and thoroughly all types of vegetables, such as potatoes, root varieties or even more sensitive vegetables.
  • As a kitchen brush or scourer is great to washing up all kind of cooking pots and pans because coconut fibre won’t scratch neither stainless steel, nor pottery or glass.
  • As a body brush is a tough massager that stimulates circulation, removes dead skin, helps eliminate body toxins, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and gives a great massage.
  • As a gardening brush is great to clean your tools, garments, etc because it can also be hung outside since it won’t rot in the weather.
  • As a household cleaning brush is ideal to scrub small mats, floors, tiled walls, etc.
  • As a bathroom cleaning brush is great to clean toilet bowls, bath tubs. tiled walls.
  • As a car cleaning brush helps you to clean carpets, tires or wheels.
  • As a shoe cleaning brush is ideal to remove dust or loosen mud.

Use of the Scrubbing Coconut Fibre Brush:

  • Rinse it after each use.
  • Store it in a dry place.
  • If the sponge changes colour or starts to smell, it is time to replace it.

Dimensions of the Scrubbing Coconut Fibre Brush:

  • Length: 9,7 cm. (11 cm. with the loop)
  • Width: 8,2 cm.
  • Width: 4,8 cm.