Artisanal Sage Bundle
Artisanal Sage Bundle

Artisanal Sage Bundle

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Complete your daily ritual by burning one of Mother Nature's gifts. Burn sage to cleanse your aura and your space, and to keep them protected in light + love. The smoke from this magical plant acts as a gateway into other realms by thinning the veil between us and the spirit world.

Sage Burning Ritual

  1. Open window or door before you begin
  2. Frame your intentions by grounding them in light + love
  3. Set the sage ablaze and lay the sage within the burning vessel
  4. Let it burn for a few seconds
  5. Blow out the fire and let the embers smoke
  6. Direct sage smoke over all spaces

Content + Origins

  • Includes 2 sage smudge in a muslin drawstring bag
  • Sage is sourced from California